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Tribute Ring

Carry the special memories of your loved ones with you at all times by placing their ashes into rings that last a lifetime. The Tribute Rings symbolise eternal love and togetherness. Set into a band of sterling silver, 9ct gold or white gold, the stunning stones of the rings are made in part from the ashes of your loved ones, forever encasing their memory in beautiful crystal glass. The Tribute Rings are hand-crafted to ensure they fit your finger, and we will inscribe your own personal message inside the band to always remind you of their memory. Each individually cut stone is available in one of five colours, and made completely unique with the distinctive presence of your loved one at its very core. The resulting piece of cremation jewellery is a ring that is an exquisite, thoughtful and tasteful tribute that will bring you comfort for as long as you wear it.

Tribute Silver Ruby
Tribute Silver Purple
Tribute Silver Clear
Tribute Silver Black
Tribute Silver Blue
Tribute Silver Green
Tribute Gold Ruby
Tribute Gold Purple
Tribute Gold Clear
Tribute Gold Black
Tribute Gold Blue
Tribute Gold Green
Tribute White Gold Ruby
Tribute White Gold Purple
Tribute White Gold Clear
Tribute White Gold Black
Tribute White Gold Blue
Tribute White Gold Green
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