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Continue to share special moments and memories with your loved ones even after they've gone, by placing their ashes into cufflinks. The memorial cufflinks are a comforting reminder of a lost friend or family member, ensuring a part of them is still with you in your day-to-day and during the important times when you miss them the most. The stunning gemstone of the high-quality cufflinks are made from your loved one's ashes, using the patented, expert process. These striking stones are available in one of five distinct colours, and surrounded in enduring sterling silver, 9ct gold or white gold. As well as containing your loved one's ashes within our delicate cufflinks, we offer a thoughtful tribute by diamond-point inscribing the back with your own personal message. That way, the thoughts and sentiment of this special person, will be there forever.

Cufflink Silver Blue
Cufflink Silver Green
Cufflink Silver Purple
Cufflink Silver Black
Cufflink Silver Ruby
Cufflink Silver Clear
Cufflink Gold Blue
Cufflink Gold Green
Cufflink Gold Purple
Cufflink Gold Black
Cufflink Gold Ruby
Cufflink Gold Clear
Cufflink White Gold Blue
Cufflink White Gold Green
Cufflink White Gold Purple
Cufflink White Gold Black
Cufflink White Gold Ruby
Cufflink White Gold Clear
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