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Round Pendant

Keep your loved ones close to your heart with a beautifully crafted necklace for their ashes. The wonderful memories you shared with someone special deserve to be cherished in stunning jewellery that will last a lifetime. The rounded necklaces hold the ashes of your loved one inside the perfectly cut gemstone, made by specialists using the unique, patented process and available in five vivid colours of enduring crystal glass. Round necklaces come complete with a hallmarked, 18-inch chain, and we will engrave your own personal message on the back of the pendant, forever preserving your precious memories with your treasured loved one. Through the hand-crafted necklaces and pendants, you can always carry a piece of their spirit with you, contained in a charming, thoughtful and tasteful tribute that will bring you comfort and whenever you wear it.

Round Pendant Silver Blue
Round Pendant Silver Green
Round Pendant Silver Ruby
Round Pendant Silver Black
Round Pendant Silver Clear
Round Pendant Silver Purple
Round Pendant Gold Blue
Round Pendant Gold Green
Round Pendant Gold Ruby
Round Pendant Gold Black
Round Pendant Gold Clear
Round Pendant Gold Purple
Round Pendant White Gold Blue
Round Pendant White Gold Green
Round Pendant White Gold Ruby
Round Pendant White Gold Black
Round Pendant White Gold Clear
Round Pendant White Gold Purple
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