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Charm Beads

Be together always by encasing your loved one's ashes into charms that are delicate and special. The Charm Beads are carefully hand-crafted with respect, care and consideration at every stage. Each gemstone is specially created by expert jewellery makers using the patented techniques and are available in five, distinct colours of exquisite crystal glass. The centre of each charm is made from one of three precious metals: sterling silver, 9ct gold or white gold. This stunning gift symbolises the bond between you and your loved one, which will remain long after they are gone. The charms fit with all quality bracelet brands, including Pandora, so they align perfectly with your jeweller of choice. This dedication to tailoring our products sets us apart, and we apply the same commitment to preserving the memory of those you care about.

Charm Bead Silver Blue
Charm Bead Silver Green
Charm Bead Silver Black
Charm Bead Silver Ruby
Charm Bead Silver Purple
Charm Bead Silver Clear
Charm Bead Gold Blue
Charm Bead Gold Green
Charm Bead Gold Black
Charm Bead Gold Ruby
Charm Bead Gold Purple
Charm Bead Gold Clear
Charm Bead White Gold Blue
Charm Bead White Gold Green
Charm Bead White Gold Black
Charm Bead White Gold Ruby
Charm Bead White Gold Purple
Charm Bead White Gold Clear
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