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American Style Coffins

Our range of exceptional quality metal ‘American Style’ caskets, offering a distinctive and elegant feel to any funeral arrangement. This range comes in various colours and finishes including bronze, copper, classic gold and white. These caskets are suitable for burial only. Unless specified, caskets are suitable for repatriation. We are proud to also offer an extensive line of finely-crafted solid hardwood and veneer caskets. We search the world to find superb-quality wood species to satisfy all. By taking advantage of global sourcing to find premium lumber, we can offer you remarkably beautiful products that appeal to the eye as well as the touch. Have a look at some of our American Style coffins below, to see all our products, please get in contact. 

Passion of Christ Coffin
Solaris Coffin
Eurocraft Coffin
Heritage Plus Coffin
Harvest Oak Coffin
Heritage Coffin
Essence Coffin
Belgrave Coffin
Mercedes Coffin
Ambassador Cherry Coffin
Devotion Coffin
Neptune Orchid Coffin
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