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Signet Ring

A powerful symbol of everlasting love, the Signet Rings are as enduring as they are beautiful, and a fitting representation of the bond between you and those you care most about. By containing your cherished loved one's ashes within a ring, you take a piece of them wherever you go, keeping their spirit alive in this stunning cremation jewellery. Available in one of five vivid colours, the gemstone of each ring is made in part from the ashes of a beloved friend or family member using the patented process. The result is a delicate and tasteful tribute to their memory, housed in exquisite crystal glass. The stone is set in a band of either sterling silver, 9ct gold or white gold, which is specially hand-crafted to ensure it fits your finger perfectly and can contain a personal message that celebrates the memory of your loved one. Ensure their spirit lives forever in a Signet Ring that lasts a lifetime.

Signet Silver Clear
Signet Silver Green
Signet Silver Blue
Signet Silver Black
Signet Silver Purple
Signet Silver Ruby
Signet Gold Clear
Signet Gold Green
Signet Gold Blue
Signet Gold Black
Signet Gold Purple
Signet Gold Ruby
Signet White Gold Clear
Signet White Gold Green
Signet White Gold Blue
Signet White Gold Black
Signet White Gold Purple
Signet White Gold Ruby
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