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Long Pendant

If you want to be forever reminded that a loved one is alive in your heart, we present an exquisite range of long necklaces to hold their ashes close to your chest. The memories you experienced with a beloved friend or family member deserve to be preserved always, and housed in distinctive jewellery. The cremation necklaces are made with impeccable artistry, holding your loved one's ashes in perfectly cut crystal glass, which is available in five clear, vibrant colours. The patented process ensures ashes for each necklace are visible within the crystal glass, while all come with a hallmarked, 18-inch chain made from incredibly durable sterling silver, 9ct gold or white gold, representing the lasting quality their spirit deserves. In addition, your own personal message can be delicately engraved around the front of your metal of choice. This will keep your memories next to your heart, giving you comfort and peace every time you wear it.

Long Pendant Silver Blue
Long Pendant Silver Green
Long Pendant Silver Black
Long Pendant Silver Ruby
Long Pendant Silver Purple
Long Pendant Silver Clear
Long Pendant Gold Blue
Long Pendant Gold Green
Long Pendant Gold Black
Long Pendant Gold Ruby
Long Pendant Gold Purple
Long Pendant Gold Clear
Long Pendant White Gold Blue
Long Pendant White Gold Green
Long Pendant White Gold Black
Long Pendant White Gold Ruby
Long Pendant White Gold Purple
Long Pendant White Gold Clear
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