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By transforming a loved one's ashes into earrings, you keep a piece of their spirit close whenever you wear them. Nobody likes to think of a time where your family and dearest friends are no longer around. But you can carry their memory with you in an elegant and touching tribute by keeping their ashes in a bespoke pair of earrings. Each gemstone is a unique keepsake, symbolising the memory of a loved one. Available in five vibrant colours, the earrings gently encase the ashes, through the detailed and hand-crafted process, ensuring your gifted with the perfect, individual finish. Your gemstone is enclosed in either sterling silver, 9ct gold or white gold, with the exceptional style, toughness and quality that the craftsmen take great pride in. Keep those that matter close; create beautiful earrings with your loved one's ashes.

Earring Silver Blue
Earring Silver Green
Earring Silver Black
Earring Silver Ruby
Earring Silver Purple
Earring Silver Clear
Earring Gold Blue
Earring Gold Green
Earring Gold Black
Earring Gold Ruby
Earring Gold Purple
Earring Gold Clear
Earring White Gold Blue
Earring White Gold Green
Earring White Gold Black
Earring White Gold Ruby
Earring White Gold Purple
Earring White Gold Clear
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