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Ashes Caskets

We know from our own experiences of bereavement that many families take great comfort in keeping a loved ones ashes somewhere special in their home, some families choose to scatter or intern them in a favourite place or cemetery. Whatever your personal choice we believe that our loved ones are unique, the memories we have of them are precious and having an urn or casket that reflects those individual characteristics and memories not only creates a special and lasting tribute to them but the process of choosing something personal can be quite a comforting element in the bereavement process. Below is a few of the ash caskets which we offer, to see all of them, please get in contact.

Lesbury Casket
Newton Casket
Azure Casket
Amble Casket
Bead Casket
Limestone Casket
Cuthbert Casket
Pollination Casket
Natural White Woolen Casket
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