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We specialise in all types of funerals from Traditional Burials and Cremations to Horse drawn Funerals. We also cater for all Faiths and Religions. Below is a list of our other services we offer which may require more information... 

Green Burials

A green burial differs from the traditional funeral in a cemetery or churchyard by the use of natural materials, using only natural bio-degradable fabrics for coffins and shrouds pollution is reduced...

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Cremation Items

When someone you love becomes a memory... that memory becomes a treasure...

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Coffin Collection

We have a wide variety of coffins for you to choose for your loved one to suit all tastes... 

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Floral Tributes

Designed by Mark, these flowers are eloquently crafted to add that sense of meaning to the casket/ coffin to make the day even more memorable and special for all the family and loved ones...

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Our Vehicle Fleet

We are extremely proud of our Jaguar Vehicle Fleet. Ranging from Saloons to Hearses our vehicles are updated as often as possible to guarantee a memorable experience. For more information please contact us. 




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